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Delta Motion Pictures is a personal project of mine. It stitches three of my passions together: Computer graphics, compelling science-fiction and epic storytelling. As a child I was fascinated by the depth and richness of the Star Wars universe and also by science-fiction video games such as the Star Wars: Battlefront, the Halo and the Mass Effect series. I wanted to dive deeper into the marvelous universes these films and games gave a glimpse of. This is how I got acquainted with computer graphics. I spent some time experimenting with the open-source software Blender and forged myself some basic skills in 3D modelling and animation.

In my time as a student at the French Engineering School CentraleSupélec, I joined the student film association NX Télévision. As the association evolved to become Hyris I was entrusted with the task of creating an epic 3D animation unveiling its new logo. During this time I also experimented with a variety of animation-oriented film-making techniques and formats. I eventually discovered the power of Unreal Engine 4 and real-time rendering. Now I was able to put my CG knowledge to use to create something epic.

My sources of inspiration include the aforementioned game series as well as the Destiny franchise, all set in deep, compelling science-fiction universes. On the animation side of things, I revere the work of the late Monty Oum on the Red vs. Blue and RWBY series. Red vs. Blue is definitely the machinima-turned-animation-series that opened my eyes on what could be accomplished far beyond a video game to expand its universe in a uniquely creative way.

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