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The following are (excerpts from) a variety of short film projects that reached different (in)completion states.

Most of them were not released or to a private audience only.

They are the result of cinematographic experiments across a wide range of universes, techniques and styles.


Our first official release, Nowhere to Run, is set in the Destiny universe.

In the quest for a lost artifact, a deadly game of hide and seek unfolds in a dark, ominous place...


The following is a series of sequences from a full-length film project entitled Project: Ark.

The film is set in the Halo universe and draws inspiration from Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue animated series.

The project was developed for about a year between 2018 and 2019. Through this project I explored the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 as a hybrid animation/film-making tool and I acquired some knowledge in the fields of computer graphics and 3D animation. However, due to my limited experience, I soon realized that my ambitions for this project were too far-reaching at this stage and that I first needed to focus on smaller-scale projects in order to refine my technical knowledge and develop a reliable film-making workflow.

The following sequences and excerpts are not remotely complete or technically sound and should be considered advanced previz at best.


NOTE: This story is non-canon with respect to the Halo universe/lore as it is.

The action is set after the Human-Covenant war. Humanity has come across a Forerunner artifact bearing resemblance to the Halo installations. Unlike those however, the complexity of its structural design shrouds the purpose of its creation behind a veil of mystery.

A special division of the UNSC is created with the sole purpose of studying the installation – dubbed the Ark – and uncovering its mysteries. It is placed under the supervision of the commanding officer of the fleet that discovered the installation, who is thus appointed Director of the newly formed Project Ark.

As Project Ark goes on, the growing influence of the Director within the UNSC hierarchy and the extent of the military power that gets placed under his direct command begin to raise attention. The Office of Naval Intelligence in turn creates its own special section, Onyx, in order to monitor both the installation and the Project itself. As tensions covertly rise between the two entities, both sides call to mercenaries – Covenant war veterans or private security forces – in order to carry out their dirty work without leaving a trail.

The events depicted follow the path of Project Ark’s squad Osiris. Osiris is initially tasked with recovering a Forerunner artifact from Onyx, after Onyx ambushed the Project Ark extraction crew that uncovered it.

Eventually, it appears that ONI’s suspicions were justified: the Ark is in fact a stellar weapon that the Director intends to use to overturn the UNSC and rule humanity, and Osiris get to realize that they may be fighting for the wrong side…

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